Vioro Magazine

3 issues (January, May and September)

Vioro Magazine, the most important magazine in the business has been writing the story of Italian and international jewellery for 29 years and now has a new look. A new concept of information, describing what is happening in the field in a dynamic and fast-paced way.

VIORO will continue to provide targeted information on products, trends and emerging markets. VIORO will be innovative, highlighting opportunities and news to meet the challenges of a rapidly-evolving industry. New VIORO will continue to keep abreast of the very latest in jewels, the style and the quality that go hand in hand with sophisticated, fine craftsmanship. With four completely restructured sections and an eye-catching design (both classic and cutting edge), new VIORO aims to become a wide-ranging and complete magazine. The new layout using an exclusive font and the space given over to enhanced photo shoots, following the latest trends in style and fashion stand out. New VIORO features analysis on current affairs, interviews with leading figures, articles by influential writers, with a focus on economics, marketing and retail and an emphasis on world events, from celebrities on the red carpet to auctions, from jewellery exhibitions toluxury accessories.


50000 copies worldwide. VIORO is available at the best newsstands, concept stores, hotels and in the most exclusive boutiques throughout the world. A select mailing list of 45 000 professionals receive VIORO through controlled distribution: manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, retail chain buyers, as well as leaders and key figures in media and publishing, fashion, design and the arts. 5,000 subscribed insiders worldwide also receive the magazine. VIORO will be distributed during the main jewellery fairs worldwide.

VIORO is the only trade publication with an iPad edition .